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Help wording cover letter to equifax


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Ok, well I was getting help in the credit reporting agency link, but its gone now!!!!!!! Silly board.

Heres the problem, equ up and deleted five good standing, closed, very old accounts, oldest was like 89. I called they tryied to brush me off, I demanded a supervisor. Super says I need to write a cover letter, sayng what happened, and that the accounts were supposed to report until at least 2007, some till 2009. She used a specific word for the reporting time for good accounts, she talked so fast I couldnt write fast enough to keep up. She gave me a fax number to send this to, I just need some help with the letter. Has anyone had this happen that might have a copy of the letter floating around? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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That is pretty good accomplishment - in the past the stance the CRAs always took was that if you lost good tradelines, that only contacting the original creditors could get them added back on.

Ok no really hard at all, did she give you her name, so you could address the fax directly to her?

In the letter be sure to write down:

# 1 Tradeline

Name of Creditor

Account Number as shown on past credit reports with Equifax

Open Date

High Credit or Credit Limit


Type of Account


Then underneath write down your dispute, that the account was removed before the expriation was up on the reporting.

Then move to the next, tradeline repeating the above mentioned.

If you have a copy of the past credit report that showed all of these missing tradelines even better, include this in the fax - number the trades on the credit report that correspond to your letter.

You don't have to be dressy on how the letter looks to the CRA just as long as you are very clear in what you say to them.

Be sure to add to the top of the letter:



Social Security Number

Date of Birth

Phone Number

This is exactly how I make up all dispute letters for myself and others that come in to our office. Nothing special just get right down to the issue of the problem. Short concise wording of what you want done.

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You got lucky, I am in the middle of packing for my trip this week - been bummed out over being stuck in guest mode and thought to just leave off today. :p

This should work just fine, always important to copy them tradelines exact so that the CRA can identify their work, and reinsert it just as it was before.

You are very lucky that they are going to re-address this issue for you. Will definately keep this in mind that they can re-insert deletions.

Was the Fax Number any different than the other ones which have been published here before? Just wish we could nab another Fax Number for Experian --- but I had know already for sometime they where cutting the fax number from being used any longer.

Yea, seen the one section gone, well I know Kristy can get that one back, since she salvaged the ID Theft Section when I thought that section was long gone and lost. With these type of sites, she definately keeps back ups of everything here.

You have a good week - :)

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It is a different fax number, whada know!!!!!!!!! As soon as I send this, I will post it for everyone. Don't want to risk my chance of being seen becaue the number got flooded with a zillion faxes!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

Thanks again KB, you have a wonderful weekend too.

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