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Can anyone tell me what I can do with some

charge compainies that have raised my intrest to

26% because of some thing on my credit that I am

disputing, should I write them A letter or call and ask

them if they will lower it.

And does anyone now of a low instrest card that i could

possibly transfer some of the high balances?

a card that you don't need great credit.


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Leigh, look under the credit card link, and look for the long post about household bank. The union plus card does bt's, am not sure what the interest rate is. Read through, people have posted what score they had, and how much credit they have gotten. Read till you find what your looking for.

Calling your cc companies are a good first step. Give it a try, if that don't work, maybe you can do a goodwill letter to them through www.planetfeedback.com It can't hurt to try a couple of different things along the way to good credit.

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