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Anybody have the who pulls what link?


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<blockquote>Originally posted by capepuffin

What would be really awesome is if they posted the scores you need to get accepted! Yes, some OC's are pulling from everywhere. And depending on what state you live in makes a difference too.


Hehe yeah that would be nice. OK so does anybody know of a credit card company that pulls from Experian for a Tennessee resident with any degree of regularity? The only one I saw in those lists was Banana Republic...for one thing, I'm not sure we even HAVE one in Nashville, and for another, I've always been under the impression that department store cards are harder to attain than major bank credit cards.. my Experian is looking "alright" right now(1 negative tradeline which is in dispute and should fall off this time, one 0 balance paid chargeoff also in dispute--but I'm not optimistic--, and one positive closed tradeline), but it's nothing to write home about. I need an EASY company that will pull my EX. My EQ I think I'm still a little short on and my TU is a nightmare.

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