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need advise new here!!!


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been reading alot here i love this place as soon as i get a printer ill be getting busy the questions i have are i pulled my ex report i got a ch7 makes 2 years now but prior to the ch7 i had great credit like 750 now im at 605 since my ch7 i had 3 30 lates and 1 60 late on morgage 4 lates on my auto been up to date now for six months i got 2 things showings of credit cards that was my ch7 i got a collection on a pager that i paid .lol id like to know what to do its all true /lol i had issues was on strike for 4 months like to know what steps to take on all this i will pull all my reports soon is it possible to have my ch7 removed ?im trying to get this cleaned up i wanna refi my morgage but i know they will just laugh at me now any input

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