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Re:NCO-"WHAT" I still don't know.


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Before I started this board, I had a phone 'blasting' with NCO. I requested they send me information on accounts I may owe. These accounts are from a medical bill in '98, which has been a big pain since then. I no longer get calls, but it is on my credit report. Anyway, I got 'the' computer printout and it states balance $0.00 and amount due $0.00. The other problem I see is nowhere on this printout does it have the account NCO is using to report to the CRA. If I am not to accept the computer printout, what do I need to request from them or what is my next step? Also, I disputed this with the CRA, the CRA verified the debt after NCO has sent this computer printout with a $0.00 balance.

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