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If I pay, will FNCB report it?


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This has not been reported to any cras at all. The billing is from 6-2001. First I sent dv letter to riddle and a$$ for dtv bill. They sent it back to dtv. Dtv sent me a letter saying it was recalled and a computer print out with a bunch of garbage on it. They also state they don't require a sign to turn on service. Yesterday I get a letter from First National Coll Burea of NV. They say in the letter I can settle for 80.00 if I pay it all within 14 days, or I can make two payments and pay a total of 105.00 the first half in 14 days the second in 30 days after the first. I can pay it with either option at this time. It also says I can reactivate service once I pay. I don't need as its already on in bf's name. I have the fear that if I pay it, its going to show up as paid co on my report. Anyone deal with them before?

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