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our scores are only in the 400's where do I start??


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First you should opt-out of pre-approved offers of credit with the credit agencies. You call this number and give them your info inc ss# and they send you a letter asking you to sign and send back. Don't worry, its legit and works like a charm to keep bad ca's from getting your reports. You can remove your name from prescreened credit or insurance offer mailing lists from Experian, Innovis, TransUnion and Equifax by calling 888 5OPT OUT (888 567 8688).

Once this is done, after about 30 days, you should start with getting your personal information correct on each creidt report. Make sure your name, address and employment, dl, ss, dob, anything personal is reported correctly. Dispute old or outdated info as not yours with each of the cras. You should be able to call them and do this over the phone.

After they send you your new updated reports you can being your disputes. You can also get privacyguard.com for 1.00 for a 3 month trial. They are only good to monitor your report, not so good for doing disputes as they don't give you the full account information. Also, if you are going to do disputes online, you need to have a file number from a recent report. You can only get that with a current report from each cra. You can do it online with TransUnion without the report I think. Here is another little tip for you. Go to the last link, get a free report two or three times a day. Sign up, view your report, then go to the top of the page to My Account and when all your account info shows up, go to the bottom of page and hit delete my account. Once you do this, you can sign up again. Most days I can do it 3-5 times. The reason for this is they begin building up soft inqs. (thats what you get when you view your own credit report) After so many softs, it starts to d.e.l.e.t.e. h.a.r.d. i.n.q.s. off of your reports. I know it works, it has taken a month or so, but I have 10 HI's gone from my report this week. BTW, you can try and call cra's and ask them to delete, equifax is the only one you can dispute personal info with online. You can also write a letter, its faster if you call. After you get that far, come back and read up on all the links and find out what to do next. Try to put the last date you paid things and what state your from when you ask for more help. It will give anyone trying to help you a lot more to work with.





PS, privacyguard scores are not true fico scores. You would have to buy it from equifax or myfico.com to get the true fico.

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The key is time... you dispute slowly and over a period of months... but before you start disputing get a copy of each credit report and make up a note book with three sections... then start disputing your name and address... if your lucky they will have about 4 or 5 names for you.... and your addresses will be incorrect... its better to have deletes in the address and and names rather than corrections.. here is an example, suppose your name is william m. smith and you have been called bill or billy or by your middle name... you dispute all this untill you get to william m smith... then you dispute your addresses... they will always have past address wrong.... so once you have done all this you dispute things like judgements and bills and all the bad stuff and it will help your dispute because when you say its not mine and his has a name like bill and your name is william and when it has your address wrong it will be easier to get it deleted.....So even though your anxious to get started do your address and name and first.... try to send them as little info as possible.....

next remember if you have changed jobs or address recently this will lower your points so you may not want to dispute your current address or job only the past addresses.....

when your disputing your past address say from 4 years ago... perhaps the box number is wrong or something like that....this is important because when you dispute the medical bill from 4 years ago it is really going to help when they are not able to match up name and addresses.....Getting past addresses and past names deleted will help out in deletions of other things next month... and these are the easiest to get corrected.

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