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Next question - anyone dealt w/HRS-RHODES?


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OK - I also had verified an old charged off account for Rhodes - it's mine and is set to fall off in October 2004. There's a collection agency reporting it as well that was deleted from EQ and Ex but not TU because I neglected to dispute it with them. I had to call TU to get my results because they sent them to a wrong address and the lady offered to dispute it as paid but not not mine because she said it was clearly mine. She changed the balance showing on the Rhodes to $0 because it was transfered to Sherman Acquisition. So - should I hope that Sherman doesn't have the records because it was deleted off the other CRA's? OR - should I just attempt debt settlement w/Rhodes because that was verified and still showing and what are my chances of getting them to settle for deletion? And - what's the best way to approach that?

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