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Equifax and Capital One Charge off


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Confused....previous report was a R1 with lates from 30-90 days...and even though it was a chargeoff..i was fine with that..especially being at r1..it said 0 balance...

i did try and dispute the lates back in April and it did not change...

well i just got my current equifax report and they changed it..to r5 and 30 days late 1 time...but the DOLA was 03/00 now it is listed with 02/97 the same date it was opened. What??? that doesnt sound right..i didnt even dispute it ...so i dont know why they updated the records..i called equifax to dispute and they said it was already disputed in the past and they wont do anymore disputes. I tried to do it online and its not there...maybe Crap one will increase my limit and add the remaining $300 to it and they can change it to r1 with ZERO lates..my interest rate is 12% from 14...ideas.........

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