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Hello everyong, This is a great site that gives us all hope. I was looking for some advise on the following issue. Back in 1998 I co-signed on a Honda lease for my wife and it was through Bank Of America (BOA). About two years into the lease we divorced and she fell behind on her payments, a total of 11 payments three of them 60 days late and 8 of them 30 days late. Now, as of November 2002 the lease was over and the car was returned. All payments and fees associated with this lease have been paid in full but all the lates are all showing up on my Transunion report but not on my Equifax report. I have tried to contact BOA and give them the sob story of what caused these late payments and they said there was nothing they can do. I also faxed them a GoodWill letter explaining what happened and how this is giving me a hard time in qualifying for a decent home loan. I also mentioned that I have a secured card with them and a checking account with $17000. I don't know what else to do, Any advise on what I can do to remove these late payments :(

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