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I was talking to a nieghbor last night about this credit repair stuff.

He gave me a tip on how he deals with paid charge offs!!!

Seems that he used to work in the mail room at a bank in the mortgage dept. This bank used to buy loans from other banks and sometimes they would loose the original mortgage contract(...that's another story) and also recieve disputes on charge off for credit cards.

Anyhow he told me that many times he would recieve dispute letters from the CRA'S where consumers would dispute paid charge offs. The consumer would argue that "I had a settlement agreement with your company ".

At that point the bank would look up the account and if it WAS paid off they would throw the letter away.

We didn't get into specifics if the consumers were asking to have the account removed or marked as paid as agreed(.. That is what I would want done personally, since it would build your credit history).

I just thought I would share what is going on behind the scenes. It might give members some new ideas. :D :D :D

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