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How many disputes before validation??????????


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There are two ways items can get removed from your credit report. Your style and risk tolerence, how much you

owe, your willingness to pay and\or negotiate, and whether the debt is passed the statue of limitations all make a determination

on which style you should use. Some like to use the CRA's to get them to delete due to CA's not verifying within determined time

frame. This is very effective if your debts are low or old paid off debts that have derogotory marks. The other way is to have the

CA's change them for you. They typically do not like to do this. A technique to use is to catch them in a violation of reporting

to the CRA information other than "in dispute" when you send them a debt validation. To catch them you need to dispute the trade

line when you get your CRRR green card back after sending debt validation request. If it comes back verified while under dispute

they have violated the FDCPA. You can then use this as leverage to negotiate removal of trade line in exchange for payment.

You really need to understand and access your risk and situation. No two are alike. Keep reading and you will find a situation

simular to yours. I personally, have never used debt validation. I have only used disputing. I have used up to 4 disputes before

removal. Good Luck!

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