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Please Help With Federal Regulations


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Please do not think I am lazy or whatever, but due to trauma plus other reasons my brain does not function as well as it used to :( . I've looked up the Federal Regulations but simply cannot understand the language. Being that the lawyer we used for our BK is very anti-fighting for redress from violations, I need to know what I am talking about in order to go after parties I believe are in violation of our BK. I tried another lawyer but it seems they don't want to touch a case that was handled by another, even though the discharge was received 4/29/03.

These problems are posted elsewhere and I am very thankful for the helpful answers. However, I do need to be able to quote the regulations that were ignored by these 2 lenders.

#1 has started reporting our mortgage as delinquent as of 6/13 or thereabouts (we have the notice in hand that the property was abandoned on 4/26/03) right after they sent us a summons that they were initiating foreclosure. This lender did apply for and received relief from automatic stay.

#2 lender did not apply for relief from stay. Each month they sent a bill, although with a disclaimer that it in no way violated the stay or can be construed as against the debtors personally after the discharge of the BK 7. To me a bill is a bill is a bill, regardless of whatever they have on it. If they didn't receive relief from stay, then they're in violation. When we received a foreclosure notice telling us for XXXX amount we could stop the process, I called them, they acted dumb and said we would receive no more bills. Of course, a few days ago, another bill comes in the mail. It's time to sue. We are nearly broke and my worries include finding the $ for court, but the prospect of sticking it to 'em is what keeps my hopes up.

The reason I'm posting under this topic is that the regulations are very often referred to in one context or another here in helping people fight back against creditors. My brain just doesn't register what the feds have written, though I've read the rules over numerous times. Please help someone who is handicapped and doesn't want to let lenders get away with anything just because I'm an easy target due to my disability. My hubby is far too busy working and/or trying to find work so it really falls to me to do the best I can.

Thank you for any help. We really must depend on each other because the financial vultures out there sure aren't going to help us. And I HATE legalize, don't you? It seems like a way to assure that the layman won't fully understand the law.

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