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OC "Verification" or "Validation"?


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I am somewhat confused on what to do next in the process. Here is my situation.

I have a number of negative TLs on my CRs that all stem from a period of financial difficulty I had in college about 6 years ago. I have no judgements against me and I live in NC where the SOL for these accounts is only 3 years.

I sent letters disputing all negative TLs to all 3 CRAs just over a month ago. In that time, I saw listings that they were all in dispute on the EQ portion of my PG report.

Now that the 30 days are up today, none of the items remain listed as "in dispute" and 2 of my 3 collections (both with Midland Credit) were removed from the EQ report. All other negatives appear to have been verified, but some with small changes in the remarks, including:





Since I only have one CA left on my EQ report (Portfolio Recovery), I will go forward with a DV letter to them, but what can I do about the OCs?

I've seen some discussion here about sending them a "verification" letter but how would that differ from the CA DV letter?

Can I expect any response if I send then a letter saying "I just noticed this item on my credit report and do not recall every having an account with your company. Please send me confirmation that this account is in fact mine, including my signature, payment history, etc."? I would guess that since all of the accounts closed about 6 years ago, it is understandable that I might not remember the specific details of each account.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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With OCs, its best just to keep disputing with the CRAs for different items within the tradeline. In my case, round 2, they wound up changing them from negs to positives...started with pretty much the same thing you did where they updated to paid collections...I then sent in round 2 disputes and they updated again to just PAID and took the collections notation off, which sent it to a positive rating. They may also choose to simply remove them. I'd do a few rounds that way with the CRAs before trying to send anything to an OC unless you have proof of some sort that they are reporting it incorrectly. If you have a case where you want to send a letter to an OC, I would try planetfeedback. It's possible to get results from there too, but keep disputing CRAs at the same time.

Hope that helps!

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