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Goodwill letters-who do they work with?


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CrossCountry Bank was great! Removed lates and sent me a nice letter too :p

Capital One and FCNB have been awful, I write and write and they say no no no! :( :( :(

This last time I used the FCBA because the payments were late because I moved last year and I wasn't receiving my statements. I hope it works!

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This is a great idea for a thread....How's about we also list what we had, what we asked for, and what we got.

Capital One---Several late payments (about 5 over two years), asked for them to be removed..got membership fee waived for a year, and some late fees reversed.

Best Buy/Household Bank--Three late payments over the last year, account closed by credit grantor...asked for late pays to be removed, and status changed to "closed by consumer." Got lates all removed, account reopened, and late fees waived.

Sears--Paid charge off, asked for it to be changed to paid as agreed/never late/closed by consumer. Got letter stating that they would update the credit bureaus. They reported this month, and it's still the same. Sent a second letter, enclosed a copy of their letter, and asked them to update it, and send me a copy of the UDF.

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Household bank: asked for a 30 day late to be removed ( it actually was their fault) the told me basicly to go *&^%& myself! Then sent a letter through PFB and they never responded.

Ford Motor Credit: Asked that they re-insert my 2 car loans through them back into my CR's after 5 e-mails back and forth they said not only no but hell no and stop asking us. Your account info has been purged from our data base! They wouldn't even entertain the idea of letting me fax my cr's that had the accounts listed on it so they had the info to reinsert.

Direct Loan servicing center (student loans) " We have received your request to remove negative credit data information from your Direct Loan account. and notified our credit bureaus to do so. We have also updated the information on your account to reflect these changes. We are glad to be of service in this matter. Please let us kow if you should have other questions or comments about your account. Simply give us a call at one of the numbers listed at the William D. Ford Loan Servicing Center on the reverse side."

That was a shocker! of all the places I sent goodwill letters to, this was not one that I thought would actually do something allthough I have yet to see any changes. It has only been about 5 days, suppose I should be patient!

Crapital One: I still owe them money and they offered me a new card with a lower annual fee ($29.99), lower overlimit\late fees ($20.00) a higher credit limit and removal of all derogs if I paid the balance owed by 7\28\03. They even sent me a letter stating everything they told me over the phone. I still haven't decided if I'm going to fall for it! My luck I'll pay them and they will sue me or something. LOL ~0 ~0

Providian: Got the entire acount changed from a CO\Included in BK to no lates and Paid as Agreed!!!! From completely negative to completely positive and it only took one letter! Wish I had better luck with hte others! (@) (@) (@)

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For me, I have actually had a good deal of success with GW letters.

Lord & Taylor - bf had lates on his open account with them. they removed the lates. totally positive account now.

Cap One - had a really old charge off account that still had a balance on it. told them that it was too old and should be deleted. was deleted.

Household Automotive - wrote them and asked them to delete my late payment history. they did. perfect auto account now.

Americredit - asked them to delete unauthorized inquiries. they did.

There are more but need to research my notes. I'll add more as I get them.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by ADSOFT

Has anybody used a health problem as a reason that they fell behind???


Used a previous knee surgery with JC PENNEY and failed business venture. They sent a letter stated they would notify all 3 cra to remove any and all negative information and report paid as agreed. I had one 30-day late payment...it was removed. When I checked my Equifax credit watch it was actually 4 lates. Went from an R2 to R1 ;-).

Sent a similar letter to Capital One no response :(

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