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intent to file suit


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Here is a strong estoppal co/creditreportrights.com


DOMICILE: T 1N, R 11W, Sec 1

(c/o: Mail Box # 55555 Your St.)

( Post Office)

County of

(NO Z.I.P. code)

Date 00/00/O3

P.O. Box 666


Postal Zone 55555

By Registered Mail (R.R.R.)#Ê__________________

RE: "Account number XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX"


I received, without predjudice, your letter of 00/00/93 where you did

not prove true and correct any of the demands in my NOTICE and DEMAND of

00/00/93; to wit:

You did not:

1. Prove that you have not CREATED, LOANED and charged me INTEREST on

'CREATED CREDIT' as per several court decisions that have found this

practice FRAUDULENT and USURIOUS; First Natl. Bank v. Monroe, 59 S.E.

1123; St. Louis Savings Bank v. Parmales, 95 U.S. 557; American Express

Co. v. Citizens State Bank, 181 Wis. 172; and,


such as was done in the case of First National Bank of Montgomery v.

Jerome Daly, Credit River Minnesota 12/7/1968, "Plaintiff's act of

creating credit is not authorized by the Constitution and Laws of the

United States, is unconstitutional and void, and is not a lawful

consideration in the eyes of the Law to support any thing or upon which

any lawful rights can be built"..."The bank had given nothing therefore

nothing was all they were entitled to get back" and other such court

cases; and,

3. Prove that you did not use "Fractional Reserve Banking Procedures"

where you created "money" out of nothing on your books and records for

this account; and,

4. Prove that you have given Lawful Consideration and Substance on

this account as per the Constitution for the United States of America

Article I Sec 10:1, "...gold and silver Coin...", and as per the

Constitution of the State of California (1849) Article IV Sec. 34,

"...for the deposit of gold and silver, but no such association shall

make, issue, or put into circulation, any bill, check, ticket,

certificate, promissory note, or other paper, or the paper of any bank,

to circulate as money" and Article IV Sec. 35 "The legislature of this

state shall prohibit, by law, any person or persons, association,

company or corporation from exercising the privileges of banking, or

creating paper to circulate as money."; and as per the U.S. Supreme

Court decision clearly designating gold and Silver Coin to be lawful

money in Bronson v. Rhodes, 74 U.S. 229, 247, 19 L. Ed. 141; "Lawful

Money of the United States could only be gold and silver coin or that

which by law is made its equivalent so as to be exchangeable therefor at

par, and on demand, and does NOT include a currency which though

nominally exchangable for coin at its face value, is not redeemable on

demand.", and as evidenced when a Act of Congress in 1862 created

"United States notes", and in doing so stated that coin (gold and

silver) is the only lawful money as opposed to a creation by act of

legislature (Congress), and as stated in Perry v. Washburn, 20 CAL 318;


5. Prove that you have complied completely with the Monetary Control

Act of 1980; and,

6. Prove that you have a proper Charter to operate within California;


7. Prove that you have been properly bonded to operate within

California; and,

8. Prove that you are complying completely with the Laws of the land

in California and the Constitution of the State of California (1849),

and not operating under laws of any foreign country or entity such as

the District of Columbia or any other foreign country or entity

regarding this "account"; and,

9. Prove that you did fully disclose all of the foregoing in any

agreement or contract with Me; and,

Because you did not prove the foregoing to be true and correct, no

debt to you or contract with you exsists or ever existed; This suposed

debt is void; You must now make my person whole by returning the entire

amount paid to you under the heading of principal and interest, and then

enter a ZERO BALANCE on this account and that you CLOSE and CANCEL this

account forthwith, and correct by withdrawal of any and all information

from any "credit reporting agency" that may have financial information

for this "account"; and,

I hereby invoke the doctrine of estoppel, I hereby invoke the

California Constitution (1849) and I hereby invoke the Constitution for

the United States of America on you; and,

If you continue to try to extract any money from my person, I will

consider it attempted Extortion and or Embezzlement and will bring

lawfull action on any such crime; There may also be issues of Postal

Fraud; Further "colle...

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Here is its letter co/creditreportrights.com

Collection Agency

104 E. road

Harker Heights, TX. 12345

Re: Account # 4314-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


Collection Dept,

I have tried repeatedly to get your company to prove that I owe this debt to you. The information I have been provided with DOES NOT satisfy the validation request.

You allege that $797.11 is owed to you, but you have not sent me a print out of charges, any statements, receipts, or even a contract signed by me. Have payments been made? If so, by who? Who agreed to pay these charges? I didn’t. Who is Genesis Financial Services? I have never incurred any debt to a company by that name.

These questions would be answered if you had responded fully to my original requests, which conveniently included a form requesting this information. Your failure to properly respond to the requests I have made over the past two months is completely unacceptable and I have reached the end of patience regarding this matter.

In this light, it is my intention to sue Genesis Financial Services for its continued violations of the FCRA and the FDCPA. I will file suit in a U.S. District court for Dallas Texas on the morning of July 14, 2002 requesting damages and a trial by jury. Pursuant to the Civil Practices and Remedies code, I will cause process to be served to your company’s registered agent for service of process and file my suit. Although you have no recourse in law or in the facts,

I am willing to entertain any pre-trial settlement offer you wish to propound. All future communications MUST be done in writing and sent to the address noted in this letter.

Regards, Real E. Madd

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