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more dispute info. needed please


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I am getting an idea about where to start with this dispute stuff, here is the deal I have three main trade lines I wanted deleted.

*BK-7 filed feb '02 discharged June '02

*a mortage listed with first merit bank

-they foreclosed on the house after bk was discharged, and in my BK-7 papers it said the propert was supposed to be retained, however, I received a letter or reaffirmation for the debt and of course never sent it in, but they have not tried to collect from us, so I guess the lawyer fixed that,not sure have an appt. with him this week, this is not listed as included in BK, it is listed as a deragatory account showing :

-status as collection/chargoff and charged off as bad debt so it looks like they are listing it like we still owe the debt,says

high balance-$29,105, and balance-$15, past due $0

*mitisubishi motors

-car was reposessed in 2001, this debt I know for sure was included in BK, however it is listed the same way the house is-

-not listed as included in BK

-past due $0, status-collection/chargedoff as bad debt, derogatory

-remarks:collection account canceled by credit grantor

-high balance:$16,494


-Now when I filed for BK it was under my married name, and so was the car loan

-we applied for the mortgage home loan before we got married so that is in my maiden name

EQ-has me listed under my maiden name only

EX- has every combination of my name listed

TU- has my married name as the current name and then it says aka: my maiden name

EQ-only has my married address

EX-has every address I have ever had-plus my husband's current address, which I do not live at

TU-has my parents address, my married address, and my husband's current address, which I do not live at

so I want to dispute my stuff soon so could you guys help me make sure I understand how to be the most effective in disputing before I file them, thank you.

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Fix this letter to fit your needs to get old personal info off reports.



City State ZIP



City State ZIP


Dear Credit Bureau,

This is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate information. I am confused to see so many different variations of my personal information being reported. This is embarrassing and I am reporting to you the correct versions of my personal information. The following information needs to be deleted or corrected on the report:

I am asking that you delete all of the names other than Jon Doe.

These are incorrect listings of my name:


Jane Doe

Joanna Doe

Jamie Doe

Spouse needs to be deleted as I have never been married.

I do not have a home phone and this number needs to be deleted:

The following addresses are not correct and need to be deleted:


123 Any Street STATE ZIP

777 E One Two Three St CITY STATE ZIP

4th East Third St CITY STATE ZIP


I don’t work for a company called ABC, please delete this information. I have worked for Pizza Kingdom since June 1, 1990.

I have enclosed a copy of my Drivers License and Cell Phone Bill as proof of my identity.



Date of Birth



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Here is a letter you can use to update the accounts to show inc in bk. I would rather call or do this online. I filed bk in 98, called in 200 to report they were in bk, and just got bk deleted last month from one report and most of the items that were inc in bk were deleted too. In my case, it is better to show the bk on my reports and try and get things that I can't get deleted to show inc in the bk. So, I am not too worried about mine getting off the other two right now.

Getting the Credit Bureau to Update Bankruptcy Accounts.

Many times, accounts which were included in a bankruptcy are not updated to reflect this on your credit report which could lower your credit score even more than it already is.

This is a sample letter requesting the update of those accounts to show “Included in Bankruptcy”. Keep a copy for your files and send the letter registered mail.

Your Name

123 Your Street Address

Your City, ST 01234

(Current address for the last 5 years)


DOB: 1/1/00

Credit Bureau

Credit Bureau Address

Some City, Any State 56789






To Whom it May Concern:

Dear Credit Bureau:

This letter is a formal complaint that you are reporting inaccurate credit information on my credit report. The above referenced accounts were included in my bankruptcy and are instead showing as <chargeoffs> <pastdue> <late>. The incorrect listings are lowering my credit score unnecessarily, and it is also preventing me from purchasing a home. I am enclosing a copy of my bankruptcy discharge papers as proof of the date of my discharge.

Please correct your records to display the proper listings.


Your Signature

Your Name


From Good Credit Is Sexy

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I would like to add the following to what Sis has advised. When you contact your creditors to give the corrected info, be sure to ask them to delete all previous names and addresses from your account. You can use the reason that you are afraid of identity theft or being misidentified. The reason I say this is most creditors retain all info you gave them and when they report, these items are included. It happened to me at EQ. I had an old address removed and the following month, it came back. When I called EQ, this was what the rep told me. I have to contact the creditor to remove from their file. Just a precaution to take.

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