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I made it to the 700 club...1 1/2 years after discharge


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Yes you read it correctly..i started cleaning up my credit when i came across the site in Jan 03... thanks to this board i have cleaned up a lot of info.. and learned alot of information that i share with other friends...

TU June 02 was 551 now 700

EX March 03 was 599 now 605

EQ March 03 was 578 now 625

I filed ch 7 and was discharged in April 02....

I have started rebuilding my credit. I received a Cap One card in Jan 03 $300 limit 12%

and Target Guest Card June 03 $200 limit 21%

Orchard Bank June 03 $1000 unsecured limit 18%.(applied when it seemed like everyone from this site applied heheheh).

I talked to a mortgage lady about getting a house and she said since i filed bk it would need to be 2 years after discharge. Ok no problem, i also have a car loan with a $700 balance that was opened in 96 and will go towards rebuilding my credit along with the 3 listed above... I faxed my credit reports to her and she said the only thing left to do is to save money and keep current with my new accounts. She said she would pull CRA reports in Jan so then I could close in April 04.. Right On!!!! Since its just me i told her i want to apply for every grant possible... I thought about paying of the car but even just a few more months of payment history on my reports could benefit me... 12% rate...I dont really have to much to clean up now and i am so BORED!!! i swear i was addicted, everyday i was checking on dispute status...I can not wait till Jan.... The only thing is that i had a previous account with Cap One and was settled. $406 charged off... They updated my Experian showing the charge off amount, EQ did show R1 for a longgggggg time then i got a report last week and changed to R5 what!!!! Called up Cap One and she said they would put it back to R1...i am on them....TU shows as a neg tradeline settled less than full... What do i do?

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