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I am new to this board but have been reading and have had two coll. accts deleted thanks to you guys. I posted this question yesterday, but cannot find it. Seems some info. has been lost. So if you dont mind, here it goes again...

I have a paid coll. acct for a cable bill that was paid to the cable company. My payment was made at the same time that I received the letter from the CA. They are reporting me for the "seriously delinquent status of my accout". The OC was originally showing up on my credit report, then after I asked the CRA to verify, my new report showed the CA as reporting my account. I also got a letter from the CA saying that the OC told them the debt was paid and that they updated my account. I paid the debt a year ago, and they are just now telling me that they were informed my debt was paid. How can a CA report me if I have never had any contact with them? Who is to say I ever received any letters from them. I am not sure if I should try a debt validation letter or a goodwill letter. I am so afraid of doing the wrong thing then not being able to get it off.

Any advice from the pros???????

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