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How do you recommend requesting your report?


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Do you pay Experian $80 a year to become an annual member or simply $14.95 for one report and score?!

What about Equifax...$12.95 or "Scorepower 3-for-1" for $38.95?

Finally TransUnion...same type thing, one report or a multitude of them...

Argh!? I am more confused than ever!!!!


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There are as many answers as there are members here! LOL!

I think it depends on what you want to do.

Personally, I wrote each bureau and paid for and received a copy of my reports. The 3-in-1s are kind of useless, so it's best to stay away from them.

Then I called in and disputed all the names and addresses except the curent one. They may ask for a DL as proof. I sent them a copy of mine, but a crossed out the DL number, expiration date and, if I remember correctly, my birth date.

After you get that done, you can probably start disputing. Usually if you keep up the dispute process within a 60-90 day time frame, you keep getting updated reports. That way you don't have to keep paying for them.

Me, I use Experian's CreditExpert because it suits my purpose. The score is a FAKO, but for me it's close enough.

A lot of folks use EQs product(s) becasue the EQ FICO is supposed to be the most used/accurate.

Whatever use choose, make sure it fits your needs.

I'm pretty much done with my repair efforts for now and am in escrow on a home. I will, however, continue to monitor via CreditExpert and pull the other two bureaus quarterly to keep an eye on things. I've worked too hard on this to have someone steal my good credit or start putting bogus stuff on my reports.


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