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What to do - clueless in Mass!


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Hi all

Got some questions about debt validation since it is a bit overwhelming.

My situation is as follows:

I have 2 blemishes on my credit reports.

The first being an old cell phone bill from Cellular one from 1999 for $642, which has been passed along from collection agency to collection agency.

The second issue is an old MCI Worldcom long distance bill from 1999 for about $1,200 that has been tossed from various collection agencies.

That's it.

It seems as though everytime the debt is bought / passed to a new agency they both go at the same time. Most recently it has been Northland Group / Risk Management Alternatives for the past 2 years or so.

Anyway, I have been monitoring my credit for some time now and peculiarly out of no where one day the MCI collection was gone from all 3 CRA's. Only the Cellular One collection remained. After some time, the Cellular One collection was only showing up on Experian and no others!

Recently, that Cell phone collection fell off my Experian for whatever reason and I had clean credit! I took advantage of that opportunity when I saw it and applied and got 2 credit cards to try to improve my credit score with some revolving accounts. I was around 629 FICO with Equifax.

All this time, for the past 2 years I have been recieving sporadic mailings from Northland group trying to collect both debts. I have ignored all of their mailings including multiple settlement offers because evidently something was making them remove the blemishes as it was. I didn't wanna stir the pot and get them to re-appear on all CRA's.

So now, I'm about to file for a private student loan and low and behold I see on my reports that the $1,200 MCI collection has been placed on my Equifax, dropping my score to 552 ! As of right now it is not on the other 2 CRA's ( yet ).

I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps they only report to one arbitrary CRA?

On my report it has the MCI charge off dated 2001, which way beyond when it actually happened ( 1999 ).

So now I wonder what I should do so I can get my student loan...

Should i try not mine before using the date for a dispute or something?

Should I even try debt validation knowing they will likely go and put both bad accounts on all 3 where right now I only have this one bad account showing on EQ ?

The SOL in MA is 6 years.

My head is going to explode!

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