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Finally!! now for First USA, Cap 1


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Got another letter from EQ yesterday, they finally removed a charge off that I've been battling for several months now (for CB&T, Aspire). It was paid, and had fallen off EX and TU through disputes previously, but it took 2 disputes and a sternly worded letter ( a variation of forms found here) to get them to finally remove. (I was 657 at EQ a month ago, so hopefully this will help some more.)

Because I am working towards a mortgage, I believe its important to have items removed off all three CRAs due to the merged reports that the mortgage folks pull. Getting it off just two doesn't cut it because it still shows up from the third report.

So after 6 months or so, the only bad stuff left on my reports are 2 older Crap ones (no longer showing as charge offs on EQ, but showing as having been 120 days late, not on EX, and only 1 on TU as a charge off), a stubborn old First USA (showing as charge off on TU and EQ), and an old closed AMEX with lates on EQ. After getting a ton of negatives removed, I can sorta see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Does anyone have advice on dealing with First USA? I know there are lots of posts on here about CRap one, so I know it will take some luck with those.

Also, the Crap Ones on EQ showing as having been 120 days late show a status of "R5". I am sure this is better than R9, but does it imply that there are currently amounts outstanding? Thankfully I have paid off all of my creditors (but unfortunately before I found the list and learned about negotiating reporting). I am wondering if this new status might be an avenue for future attack.

Thanks again to you'all. :D

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