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Equifax sending CSC Information


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I live in Texas and during the last CHOD season I sent letters to Eqifax and they sent me letters back saying that I needed to send my information to CSC. Does anyone know if they are still doing that or if I need to just send my stuff to CSC now.

I had a poor result during the CHOD season, because I lost my job and I couldn't send the letters after the 30 days were up to demand deletion. All the CRA's basicly sent me back letters saying that they didn't know what to investigate. So I only got a couple of things deleted.

I have been recently employed again and I am ready to restart the battle and get my credit clean. I have gotten copies of my credit report and FICO scores from all 3 CRA's. I need to know who do I send my Equifax disputes to so I can get the negative tl's removed.

Reading this forum all ways motivates me and keeps me focused on what I am really trying to accomplish. If anyone could help me I will be very thankful.






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Thanks for the help with the CSC information. I am really excited about getting started again.

CHOD works, but I also think that it can work anytime of the year. The reason CHOD might be a little better in my opinion is people are ready to go home for the holidays and they aren't as assertive as they normally would be. Some might also feel nicer because they are about to get a vacation. I am starting to think that the CRA's are catching on to this and will soon try to prepare for this type of actions.

New information for CSC.

CSC Credit Services

P.O. Box 981222

El Paso, Tx 79998-1222

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