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My first phone calls to the BIG 3

Which CRA do you prefer to deal with?  

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So, I called all 3 bureaus today to check on how stuff was coming along and to get some personal info deleted/changed...here are my conclusions.

TU was a cake walk, so was EX. EQ/CSC sucked! The first 2 even let me talk about DH's report and get his addresses and such removed, no problem. But at CSC when I said I wanted my old addresses removed, the operator there was insistant that if I ever lived there they must stay on my file and she wouldn't let me go near DH's stuff. After seeing I couldn't get my old addresses off CSC, I decided to improvise about my former employer. I just said it was incorrect (well heck, I haven't worked there since I was 19 years old!) Maybe I will call back, see if I can get another operator and say I never lived at my former addresses (although I wouldn't want to do anything illegal, like lying? either)

So for now, and this goes for my dispute results as well, TU and EX are getting thumbs up and EQ gets thumbs down.

I'm going to use the poll feature here and I invite people to share their stories about the CRA's. I thought of adding "I would rather deal with none of them" as an option, but then everyone would probably answer that one LOL

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That is funny,

I say to try Experian First for good reason - they have statements with each tradeline that tells you exactly when it is expected to expire off of the credit report. Then I work the formulas for the reporting periods to double check this. Then pull other 2 credit reports using Experian as a reference.

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Hi, AlmostThere. I'm nowhere near there! I noticed in some of your posts that you talk about having addresses and past employers removed. Would you give me some help on exactly how to do that? Does it help your score? I'm afraid to call any of the BIG 3 unless I know exactly what to say. I don't want to make my situation worse.



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I got a letter you guys can use to get the addys and stuff off if you want it. I will be glad to share it. I was freezing up when I first started calling them. Nervous and just freaked out, always spit out the wrong things. I called EQ today, as I had a co pop back up after deletion. I call this number for EQ and usually don't have any problems. 800-395-6440. Well, this wonder girl today, bless her, was really workin it for me. She deleted that off, and deleted another item too, it was a duplicate the first time I disiputed, and one got deleted, I told her, its back, and she deleted. She also took my old name off, as its the only report that still has my married name and the only report that still has my bk showing. Then she deleted all the past addresses that poped back up.

Then I explained that in June I had for old good accounts just drop from my reports. I had tried once to get them back on with no succes. She told me her fax number and name, and had me re-fax her all the same info. She is going to do her best to add them back on.

I had a very blessed day with EQ today. Fingers crossed for everyone that them four come back on. There were 3 cc's, opened around 1990-1994, and an installment loan from around the same time. They were all paid and closed out between 97 & 01. That hurt my fico bigtime when the dropped. Sorry Almost, EQ got my vote.

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