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We've been dealing with Ugly Duckling for several months now, trying to get something off of my fiance's credit that is not his (in fact, it's the exwife's thing, he never signed anything with these people).

We disputed with the CRAs, it was verified.

We DV'd with them, never heard a thing back.

We disputed again, verified again.

We finally went to PF and wrote a letter, and got a response that same day from a Diane Patrano there. She and I emailed back and forth (as I was trying to handle this for him) and we finally spoke on the phone. I explained that while it was definitely fraud, he was not willing to file a report against the mother of his children. We asked them for a copy of the contract, and they were unable to find one in imaging.

She said she would refer us to the fraud specialist - we never heard from them again. I emailed her a few weeks later; she responded by saying she did refer us to the Fraud guy. I emailed a few weeks later because I hadn't heard anything; never got a response.

A week later (yesterday), I get a call at work from a JW Morton with Drive Time, he's the Fraud Specialist there. He was immediately loud, rude, and abrasive. I had a terrible time understanding him because he sounded like he had soggy corn flakes in his mouth. When I asked for him to repeat his name, he told me to make sure I had a pen this time. (!!!!). He and I ended up getting into it over the phone. He told me that we needed a court order to be able to get a copy of the contract, I told him not true and that per federal law, he needed to provide that ASAP, since it's been like 6 weeks since we asked for it. He kept talking over me and wouldn't let me speak. He said that my fiance needed to send him copies of his DL and SS card, to which I replied that we spoke with an attorney who said that we are not to do that, that is was their responsibility to prove everything and to give them nothing.

He kept talking over me and when we didn't see eye to eye, he said to have the attorney call or write him. I told him that I was NOT spending money to retain an attorney to write a letter that I could very well do myself. He cut me off and said that I had said that I already retained an attorney.. I tried to say that that was not what I said, but he kept cutting me off. I finally yelled at him, "If you would SHUT UP you would be able to hear what I'm really saying! I did not retain an attorney, I spoke with an attorney about this. Now, when you can be less belligerent and rude, you may call me back!" and hung up the phone.

Here's where this gets really funny!

He called back, but this time, my boss answered the phone. He immediately asked for MY BOSS! Then proceeded to complain about ME to my boss about a debt that isn't even MINE! My boss asked what this was about, the guy told him that my fiance, John Doe, owed him money and told him what for. He told my boss that he was unable to communicate with me and that I told him to shut up and wanted my boss to intervene?!?!?! My boss (as we are collectors, of sorts) knows the laws and immediately asked him what this had to do with him or his business. I could hear my boss continue to try to talk, only to continue to get cut off and finally had to end up yelling at him as I did. He told him that the guy needed to check the FDCPA laws carefully because he just spoke to a third party about a debt, which is a violation. The guy got really quiet. My boss then proceeded to tell the guy that he was on very thin ice and terminated the call.

I've heard people talk about gross violations like that, but never thought I would experience it. As soon as my boss hung up, I told him that I would like to have a letter outlining that conversation, as my fiance would be going down and filing a suit against them.

So.. what do you think???? Can you say.. BIG DUMMY?

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That is hillarious! The guy is an idiot! I have heard so many people on this board say that the CA tries to talk to their boss because you actually spoke up to them. What makes them think that they have that right? Why would talk to someones boss when the boss doesnt even know the situation? I swear, that guy has some serious issues. I hope you sue for lots and lots of $$$$! I know you'de win because you have your boss as a witness! Good Luck! :lol:

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