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TU Thouroghly confused me - help!


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Ok, I thought I had finally de-coded TU's letters but I am so throw off by the recent events I can't figure out what stage I am in! Ok, here is a timeline for you:

7/14/03 - Sent DV letter to CA

7/15/03 - Did Online dispute with TU for DV item and two late pays

7/30/03 -Got Letter from CA saying they were deleting account

7/31/03 - Got reports and Collection account is deleted (Yeah :D )

8/5/03 - Get letter from TU saying that they consider my response frivilous because I previosy disputed the item that they just deleted last week :!::?::!:

So now I don't understand what this means. Are they not going to look into my two late pays now, or were they just saying this one item is frivilous? How can they send a letter saying they previosly verified and and won't again when the date they sent this letter is two days after they took it off my report. This doesn't mean they will try to re-insert it does it? This account is a paid collection from a Company that went out of business, the CA dropped it like that. So should I call them and risk getting another 15 days added on to my investigation, or just wait it out?

I really can not stand the stupid letters they send you - it drives me absolutely crazy :evil:

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In this case you want to call them, ask what the status of your disputes are. If they give you trouble; tell them you get letter from the collection agency just this month confirming that they would be deleting the one account. Let them know you can fax it over to whomever you are speaking to.

Also ask what is up with your other 2 disputes from there.

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