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OSi Bankrupt...


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Did you guys, and gals, see the article about OSI declaring bankruptcy? I find it amazing that a business whose business is collecting debts cannot even pay their own. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What is even more revolting is that OSI is one of the largest fdcpa and fcra lawbreakers in the business of debt collection. What they do to their 'clients' borders on the criminal. Even more interesting is their use of other business names such as gulf state and others to get around validation. If you ask for validation or dispute of a debt instead of providing it they 'sell it' to another CA which just happens to be themselves with a different name. Hideous. Ludicrous. I was reading a BK record for a collector for RMA the other day. This guy had about 30 collections and yet once again his business is collecting debts and he cannot pay his own. The best part is that RMA is famous for reaging old sears debts and this guy BKed a debt from sears his own company was collecting on. hahaha. Talk about a double standard. Then there was the article about how some company is getting ready to sell a huge out of statute portfolio and experian is providing them ss#, address, job info, ect before the portfolio is even sold. Ridiculous. Personal information is being thrown around the net without any regards to safety or consumer's rights. I just had to vent.

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