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? Paid down CC's to 30%

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I charged all 4 of my new CC's to just about their limit. Now I have paid each one down to 30% or less. (This is in a 2 month period) One was a Crap 1 that wasn't reporting my credit limit correctly.

What will happen to my score? Will it increase because of this? What type of increase should I expect? How long will it take, a couple of months time?

Also, do CL's count toward your score? Like a $400. limit vs. a $4000. limit? Does having a higher limit increase your score?

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You should get a good improvement from this once it all gets updated through the CRAs which could indeed be 1-3 months. This should take care of the lack of CL reporting on Cap1 also, assuming you have the same problem as most everyone else with this issue.

Here is some info. regarding %Utilization you may find helpful. Sorry if you've already seen it and I forgot: http://www.creditboards.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3207

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