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Even more fun things to tell the collector!


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Here's more fun things to say to the collector:

"Awe, heck! I just sent a $5000 check to [random other collector]. Sorry you missed out."

"Why don't you give me your bank account number and I'll just make a deposit...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...."

"I'm out in the shop right now...hang on while I finish tightening down this detonator...."

[use call forwarding to 1-800-998-0982 (NCO)]

"Rats! I just put several thousand down on a brand new Hummer, so I'm outta cash!"

"Hang on, my friend Vinnie wants to tell you about an orthopedic surgeon you might wanna see next week...."

"So, if I get a loan from someone else, I can pay this off? You seem so friendly...would you lend me the money?"

"Just a second...I've got the flu really bad...[raaaaaaaaaaaalllllph, gurgle, gurgle, flushing noise]...OK, [snaaarf] now what is it you want?"

"How many frequent flyer miles do I get if I pay you?"

"Sorry, the limo is out front...gotta go!!"

"Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" [click!!!]

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