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Depressed - Equifax score dropped 12 pts


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Ok, I know the credit scores are based on several factors, however, I just pulled PG and my credit score dropped 12 pts on Equifax. :(

I had from my first round of disputes,

1 Judgement removed off of EX, EQ...still on TU

1 CO removed off EQ...still on EX, never was on TU

2 Inq removed from EQ

1 CA removed off TU & EQ, but not EX

I would have hoped more came off but it didn't. Getting ready to do battle again. Also, was hoping the score would have remained the same or better but NOT 12 POINT DROP. :evil: I'd off been happy with just a few points drop.

Haven't rec'd notice from CRA's yet but I'm sure they'll be in the mail real soon! :roll:

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Many things could be affecting your score and making it lower a bit...

How are the balances on your current cc's?

Did you read the "these things are affecting your score" section at the bottom of the score on PG? You can learn alot from it.

Were the accounts you had removed some of your oldest tradelines?

I just commented in another thread that during this disputing process, and because I still have a few months before I'll be applying for a mortgage loan, I'm not sweating my scores right now. I feel like it will all pan out in the end if I continue doing what I am doing. If I were letting it bug me, I'd be just as bummed as you are, cause they've taken a dive recently. My plan is to pay down my balances, continue making payments on time, and carry on with my disputes.

Keep your chin up! It takes time, but it will be well worth it when all is said and done 8)

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