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my current results & nutcase info needed


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it has been awhile since I have posted anything. This is my strategy at the moment, I have decided to contact creditors with whom I have inquiries listed with so far I have had success with Sallie Mae and Nellie Mae and Chase. I am still working on my goodwill letter to wells fargo making sure I have all my account history straight, I sent a DV letter to them and they sent me the promissory notes for the accounts. So, I getting my game plan together for them. :shock: I only have a few accounts on my credit report. I have five I am disputing. However my EQ report has two accounts total my bankruptcy and a mortgage. EQ has my maiden name and my dad's address listed on the report, so since the house TL is in good standing I am only going to dispute BK with EQ right now as not mine b/c on my BK papers it has my married name and my maiden name with no middle name and is spelled incorrectly. So I figure I stand an ok chance of getting it deleted on the first round, however, we will see. I do have a question, I cannot seem to find the sticky or the post for a nutcase letter, and it exactly what it is for and how it is used, so could someone repost that for me? Thanks.

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