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Credit Scores from Credit Reports Lower than MY Fico Scores?


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Has anyone ever had credit scores from credit reports lower than credit scores from MY FICO? I have heard of MY FICO scores being lower than the Credit Reports but not the other way around. I have a Mortage Company that I am trying to but a house with and she pulled my merged report from her place and the scores are about 50 points lower than what MY Fico scores are.

Does this make since with anyone?


TU = 705

EX = Somewhere between 705 and 660

EQ = 660

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I find it pretty consistant that when I compare the scores that consumers get to the scores that I get when I run a "mortgage broker/lender" credit report, the scores are about 20 points lower than the consumer ones.

That being said, I have pulled 2 reports in the past 10 days that the scores I got were higher than the ones Experian gave.

I know that the reason is because all different types of lenders, car dealers/insurance companies/ and of course mortgage lenders are looking for different things in the credit scoring models, just can not figure out what the actual differences are.


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Well I had my mortage broker pull my report again, I explained to her that something is wrong because MY FICO scores should be the real score. Well sure enough she pulled her merged report and her scores were the same as the MY FICO scores.

So now I have TU = 705

EX = 670

EQ = 648


These scores allowed me to get "PreApproved" and she has already called the builder and given him the OK to get started..

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