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Confusing Date Situation


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While in the "Collections" forum, I came across something to provoke some further questions from me, so I moved it over here....

retmar wrote:

You already have them in violation of the FDCPA. Your statement that they used the date they purchased the debt for the date the account was open is an automatic violation. As a debt buyer, they are bound by the FDCPA. Many debt buyers believe that when they purchase, they are now the OC. That is not true and can be proven by contacting the FTC.

I replied:

I have some CA's doing this on my credit reports and I thought it seemed fishy... I'll have to do some more research on this issue. Wow! The more credit repair I do, the deeper I dig, the more sh!t I find.

Edit....looking at old credit reports and such, I find that the place that lists DH's student loan 9 times reports our old local bank as the OC.


Opened: 9/94

DOLA: 3/95

Pays as Agreed (it was sold before he was even supposed to make his 1st payment)

IA College Aid Comm OC: Local Bank

Opened : 11/97

DOLA: 11/97 (OMG! That should've been a red flag right there, same open and DOLA dates, guess I didn't look close enough before)

120 Days + past due

Any ideas? Don't mean to derail the thread. In fact, I'll copy this message to it's own and we can discuss it there.

So now it's here, with a new thread. Carry on.

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Where exactly should I be looking for this info?

If the CA uses the date they get the account as the open date, as opposed to the OC's open date, where do I find more information on this?

If this is indeed a violaton or wrong for them to do, I have alot of room for complaint.

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