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FCRA Opinions for "Collection Activity"


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I have a intriquing situation here...

I need an FCRA opinion which defines "Reporting To The CRAs" as "Collection Activity". I know that there are plenty of FDCPA opinions which define this; however this is an OC that I need to write to.

Brief re-cap.

This company was recently forced to settle cases of mass fraud by the FTC.

As a condition of the settlement they were to initiate a correction their credit bureau reporting... "must notify the three major credit reporting agencies that you no longer owe any money"

When I disputed the account, on all three CRAs, they verified them as PCOs!!! On the last day before the time-limit expired no less!

Now, the FTC settlement says that they "must cease further collections"

Now if the FDCPA was in play, it'ld be easy to send almost any of the opinions which list CRA reporting as collection activity.

Essentially the company was "leasing" VALUELESS vapor-ware to try to fall under the UCC. So now I have a $3000+ PCO for a valueless fraud account, which the OC verified as being legit.

But I need an FCRA oriented opinion which lists collection activity more harshly as the settlement defined it as "furnishing credit information to the three credit reporting agencies to whom the defendants report to show the applicable account no longer has an outstanding balance" to be any type of reporting to preclude them from verifying it again.

Thanks in advance.

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I have the list of letters bookmarked, I was just hoping that someone had an idea of which one may be able to be pulled out the easiest (sorta like how almost everyone knows Wollman is for acceptable means of validation responses under the FDCPA.)

Just got the 'corrected' TransUnion back, and they made the date of status for the PCO as being 10/98, so the only one which may have been jeopardized by the PCO is Experian, which has somehow got reaged about a year and a half... and this is AFTER I notfied them in June through their attorney that their company has been repeatedly reporting false information...

I'ld love to be able to get rid of them on all three reports, but at least on TransUnion it dropped down to the next to the last item, so if I could just get them to report the same to ALL three credit bureaus, and THEY NEVER change them again, I'ld do the dance of joy...

I just don't want to complain about the 'incorrect date' on Experian, and have the morons change all the dates on the other two bureaus...

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