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Sallie Mae ?s (Kb please read)


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In 2000 Sallie Mae/Student Loan Marketing "sold/transferred" my account to...Sallie Mae. Now I have three accounts reporting instead of 1 which is fine with me because they are positive TLs. The old TL says "Late 2xs 1997" and "opened 1988". The new TLS are perfect, but opened 2000. Here are my questions:

1. Any chance of getting the lates off of the first one since it has been "sold"? Would I send a goodwill letter to Sallie Mae for this? I don't want to get it deleted totally because it is an old TL and I need the history.

2. On the three newer TLs, is it possible to get Sallie Mae to list the open date as 1988 instead of 2000, since that IS when the loan originated? I really need the history as I am deleting all of my oldest accts because of COs and my score is dropping as a result.

Thanks for the help! :?

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Yes, you can definitely try good will letter to Salle Mae - I know of a few others accomplishing getting good results from them. It might take a few tries to get the right direction. But always worth the effort, if you can't these lates still are no longer hurting you as old as they are, in major loan considerations (they usually only consider two years back on the payment history). Also if you say these lates where reported in 1997 - I think they should come off next year and just leave positive reporting after that until 2007; so you should have 3 years of good reporting after the expiration date on the lates.

On the second part - I don't think you can get that accomplished - I have looked over a lot of reports with student loan reportings; and this is just the way which they do things, you can call them and ask if this is possible though.

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I had success with goodwill letter from Sallie Mae for DH. I called and got someone really nice, if you get someone unsympathetic to your circumstances, I would callback later. I explained to her we were trying to re-finance our mortgage, and that they were showing lates, but that I was sure that we were in defferal at the time. I explained further that there was a critical medical situation at the time with a family member and that if we neglected to request forbearance it was due to circumstances.

She sent me a letter via email that I had in 15 minutes after the call


Dear so and so,

Your request for a forbearance on the education loans starred below has been approved. Your forbearance began on 02/02/2002 and ends on 02/11/2003

We will send you a new payment schedule when your forbearance expires. In the meantime, please call us at 888-272-5543 if you have any questions. Thank You.

Customer Service

I faxed this letter to the CRA and the late payments were removed.

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