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First Time User Needing Info on how to Dispute/Remove CA


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I am trying to remove to ca from my cr. I just recieved a letter last week regarding a debt my previous apartment said I owed. I called the lawyer doing the collecting and recieved no info, I have called him back every day this week and have no idea what i'm going to do. I will be looking to move into a new apartment in two months and if this appears on cr I don't know what to do. Also, I have two medical ca on my cr that i want to dispute but i don't know how or what to do? I am pretty new, If someone could maybe give me the run down on how this works that would be great. Also if someone could email amber.condon@cox.net with some more information on how to write the letter or what i should use as a dispute i would appreciate it. I want to clean up my credit, I have two over 30s and 2 ca and thats the only things hurting my credit right now.

Any Help would be so much appreciated. Thanks.

Amber :)

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Hello Amber - welcome to the board,

Need to explain the deal with cleaning up credit, first is to know what state your are in? 2nd to know when the last activity was on the account (to determine if you are still within the statute of limitation - SOL). There is a link above that you can use to look up your state for given types of accounts.

If you are past the SOL, the collection agency has no legal means to collect. They can still try to collect but they can't take you to court and file a judgment.

If you are wanting to dispute - with the accounts still within SOL, be sure to understand you will wake up the collection agencies that hold these accounts. So you don't want to unnessasarily bite off more then you can chew at once.

If you are willing to pay on these, you would still want to send them a Debt Validation letter - Which can be found above in the sample letter links. So that they can collect proof of the payment history & that this account is your to know where you stand on this part for sure. Never take the collection agencies word on the matter (you want what the original creditor had to show on this account).

Once you have this back, then you can contact the collection agency back to start negotiating for the best possible price to pay & negotiate for deletion of the account off of your credit report.

For disputing, you want to aquire a copy of your credit report, suggest the first time aroung to start directly with the 3 major credit reporting agencies:




When disputing it is best to do this in writing & once you get a copy of your credit report then you will have the address listed here.

Also check out equifax dispute section online - to check your zip code and insure you are dealing with the right company. Some areas require disputing through affiliates like CSC Credit Services.

Once you are good here, later you might use one of the monitoring services which lets you access credit reports for minimal amount & some offer free trials like:



If you have more questions for fine tunning, then post away, and have a good day. :-)

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