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How Many Pulls Before BUMPAGE On PG


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I only know by hear say - but have seen some say that it can range between 50 - around 150? could be off, some people see results sooner then others.

Just going to take some time on these things, this part is not the fastest means to get going.

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Hard pulls are created by lenders when extending credit like:



Credit Card

Soft pulls are created by you when accessing your credit report or:



Pre-screened credit card offers

The inquries which you cause will eventually cause hard inquiries to drop off of your credit report / prior to the expiration date of two years.

Your credit report can only hold so much information at a time, the soft inquries being more recent will cause older information to be bumped off of the credit report.

But this really differs from one person to the next, depending on how much info you have to begin with, it can possible take a shorter period or longer period of time.

Using monitoring services like pg or wk is what is now being used to accomplish this.

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