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If you will go to netscape and down load their broser

and use it when your doing worth knowing it will remember

your information. So when you delete you account and

you go to start a new one netscape will fill in the blanks for

you... It just worked for me so this will keep you from keying

all that stuff in again...


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The risks are that should you have a large credit file to begin with - you might just accomplish having your file split into 2 seperate credit files. And you just never know which way what information will go should that happen.

Have to call the CRA and ask them to re-merge your credit file, and if they do that, it might result in old disputed and removed items getting added back in. Putting you back to square one on your credit repair.

This don't happen often to people, but still none the less it is possible.

Files can split for other reasons also, like a mixed file with another identify; or if you have 2 names like maiden / married. Or if you have a common name or if you are a senior / junior.

Plus I know they will ask you to quit pulling your own credit report for a period of time, so they can accomplish re-merging of fixing what is wrong. Since continual pulling will just enforce the split.

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