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anyone had experiences with AMAN CA ?


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do not know if I posted this before or not.

I was wondering if anyone has any inside info. on AMAN CA, based in Aberdeen, SD

they are infamous for student loan collections

and hey look at that they are in the same state that the consern education division of Wells Fargo Bank is in, go figure. ha ha not funny.

these peeps are a huge pain in the you know what.



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I don't have any inside info but I pulled this from the Better Business Bureau.

BBB Reliability Report

Aman Collection Service

114 South Main Street

Aberdeen, SD 57401

(Yahoo Map)

General Information

Original Business Start Date: January 1957

Type of Entity: CORP

Principal : Ms Cindy Schick client service manager

Phone Number: (605) 622-4864

Fax Number: (605) 622-4915

Membership Status: Yes

Type-of-Business Classification:

NAICS Code: 400564

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

BBB Membership

This company has been a member of this Better Business Bureau since August 2002. This means it supports the Bureau's services to the public and meets our membership standards.

Program Participation

This company participates in BBB CARE. This means the company has agreed to use special procedures including mediation and arbitration if necessary to resolve complaints.

Customer Experience

Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record with the Bureau. The Bureau has processed no customer complaints on this company in its three-year reporting period.

To have a "Satisfactory Record" with the Bureau, a company must be in business for at least 12 months, properly and promptly address matters referred to it by the Bureau, and be free from an unusual volume or pattern of complaints and law enforcement action involving its marketplace conduct. In addition, the Bureau must have a clear understanding of the company's business and no concerns about its industry.

Additional Information

Additional Phone Numbers: 800-843-1605

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I had a high dollar charge off with them once. It went through a long list of CA's so who knows where it is these days. They never really harrassed me but it is so old. They sent a lot of settlement offers, some lower than 35%.

What kind of debt was it?

How old?

Got any attachable assets to worry about?

I think it just depends on the type of debt and your personal circumstances.

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