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Just rec'd my update from Experian. One of my CCs I disputed as PAID BEFORE CHARGE OFF. This was a Cross Country. Now, I actually never paid them but I figured I tried NOT MINE before and it didn't work. Along the way, I've had Gulf Coast and Midland try to collect. It's now way past SOL. Should fall off credit report 7/2004.

Experian updated to

PAID/Chargeoff/zero balance.

Is that correct? I mean, I challenged paid before chargeoff. Wondering if I should let this alone considering I didn't pay them but they changed to zero balance & Paid? Oh, so confused

Maybe wait 30-60 days then challenge it again some other way? Wondering if Cross Country even validated with them or if Experian just updated as they saw fit? Only reason is because if they REALLY validated, then they would have not changed to paid...

What other steps could I take to get this off?

As always....THANKS

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