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experian inquiry help


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I know I am post happy tonight

I have the following inquiries on my CR from experian so let me know if you guys know any tricks

2 from MBNA 2/7/2003 and 2/13/2003 (I do not remember applying for anything from them and I do not have an account with them and never have)

2 from WFNNB/lerner 12/11/2002 (same situation here as with the MBNA inquiries)

lending tree 9/2002 (same as MBNA)

capital one-5/23/2002 (same as MBNA)

osi collection services 1/16/2002 (this one is valid due to the repoed car)

*********after all I have read on the board about this OSI I think I will leave this one alone b/c if they only stay on your report for 2 years, then it will come off in Jan 2004.



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You can either go ahead and waste the paper and stamps and send an unauthorized inq letter to the OC who pulled your CR.....or....you can do what some of us have done with getting inq off EX.

Call them up, ask for the *fraud dept*, after they transfer you, tell them there are some inq on your CR that are unauthorized and/or you dont recognize them. They will put a fraud alert on your CR which makes it a little more difficult to obtain instant credit, but the fraud alert only lasts 90 days.

They will put the unauthorized inq under dispute and they should come off. I had about 10 of them come off this way.

Hope that helps......good luck!!!

Oh yeah, if by chance you end up getting some CRANKY-a$$ cust service rep who says they cannot investigate inq., hang up and try again till you get somone who can. They will do it!!!

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