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1st round results in!


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Results as follows:

EQ - Deleted 4 of 7 disputes - 3 CO's & 1 collection

EX - Deleted 4 of 8 disputes - 3 CO's & 1 collection

TU - Deleted 6 of 7 disputes - 5 CO's & 1 collection

My thanks to everyone from the boards. Should start round 2 next week.

Oh BTW all disputes as "not mine"

Thanks again

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Sorry I did't give more details ...I was in a hurry at the time.

I disputed all online as not mine. All the charge offs were unpaid. Oh and one of the CO's was actually a car repo from BOA.

I requested email notification of the results from TU online....today is day36 and still haven't recieved anything WUWT?

The only scores I have are PG - 521 B4 536 after disputes

EQ - 556 after disputes

(don't know what it was B4 disputes)

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