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OMG! TU are total MORONS!!!


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I am sooo pissed!!

Here is a little story on what happened.

I had SLM loan on my credit reported as CHARGED OFF. I used Planet Feedback to SLM telling them if they could change it to PAID IN FULL NEVER LATE, since the loan was paid off. Yes, I was deliquent on it, but the loan was 60months and I just paid it in full in less than 2 years after being very very very late on it.

Anyways, I get a letter from SLM saying " We applogize, your loan was never late and it's paid in full. We will update your credit information, yada yada yada yada" Well, that was in March and I still see no changes. So I disputed it with all 3. EX and EQ changed it to PAID IN FULL NEVER LATE, but TU came back VErified lol... so I wrote them another letter, this time, including a copy of the letter from SLM that I received saying :" I WAS NEVER LATE" Well.. those morons deleted entire listing!!! WTF!

So I wrote them ANOTHER letter sayin that they deleted a listing and I included another copy of the SLM letter. I told them to put this stuff back on because I didn't disputed it as NOT MINE.

Well today I got a letter from them. Get this, this is their response:

We are sorry but we couldn;t find the item on your credit report that you are disputing.

WTF!!! Can they read?????

What should I do about this? This was a good listing that got deleted. I am sooooo mad!!

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Re-do your disptue - but this time include a prior copy of your credit report showing the tradeline you where referring to! HIGHLIGHT it for them to see perfectly clear. Also include that one letter again from SLM.

Cross your fingers and hope you get a more intelligent person this time.

Good Luck - GO GET EM!

*** Note if you can't get this accomplised 2nd time, then call SLM to ask for them to reinsert this trade on your credit report.

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