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Default due to death Home Depot/Monogram bank

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:?: Would like some input if anyone has been in the same situation. My dad opened a Home depot account about two years ago. The account was in his name only. I was listed as a authorized user(not a co-signer). My Dad passed away about a year ago. I used the card to the tune of 7,000.00 with my Dad's approval, While he was living(I had a card issued in my name,as an authorized user) because I moved into a new house that needed alot of work. After my Dad passed away I kept paying the monthly bill for about a year( I figured they were my charges and that was the right thing to do)My Dad's Estate went thru Probate and The final hearing was Last month. No creditors showed up at the hearing cause all his bills were paid,except this Home depot bill. As I said I had been paying on it monthly. So his Estate is now liquidated,all that were left were split up among his children(not a large amount) I am now out of work due to a injury and I am on disability,I cannot pay the Home Depot bill anymore. My question is sence his estate is liquidated and the the final hearing was approved and no money is left in his estate, if I now notify Home Depot of his death,Will they be able to come after anyone (either me or the executor of his estate) for not notifying them of his death while his estate was in probate? Notice of the death and probate hearing was published in our local newspaper as required by law.I did plan on paying them, But my unexpexted disabilty is stopping me from paying it now. Just for the record he did not have any credit protection on the Home Depot account. And I did talk to our lawyer about this and he said Home Depot could petition to open the probate case again or they could just write it off, Has anyone been in this situation? would appreciate input.
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This is a very uniqe situation you have, and your actions of not having included this in the estate and on top of that continued paying the bill really complicated this matter.

Technically you are not responsible, but you claimed that responsibility none the less for the long haul when you continued to pay and did not notify this company.

You should of really let this one get included, then if you felt obligated then - paid into the estate to make up the difference. All I can see is trouble in this case, especially to do with the other family members that might be affected.

You should talk to your family and explain the over site, and see if they may have some suggestions. Just incase the creditor decides to excersise their rights. I know this is out of my understanding on matters, but that seems the best route right now.

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