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CRA shows my bk acount as paid as agreed.


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Does this make any sense at all?


Payment Status: Paid or paying as agreed

Payment after bankruptcy

Payment after charge off / collection

This is how things are listed. The pay after co is totally not right, it was in bk of another person, still a co for me. How can i be paying as agreed when it was discharged in bk?

Who in their right mind would file bk and then pay the accounts. Why would you give yourself 10 years of neg info and then pay it?

What is wrong with these people, I mean both cras and oc and cas. All a bunch of dummies.

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There are quite a few reasons why some one would re-affirm or pay a creditor on the side after bankruptcy!

Might be for one reason or another a dependent relationship that must be saved, for on going service to be obtained.

Another thing is that if a co-signer was involved, after the other party filed the bankruptcy that co-signer now becomes the sole responsible party for the debt, unless the creditor forgives the debt (I have seen that happen as well). That the creditor had no intention to go after the co-signer for one reason or another.

But on the credit report, it should show re-affirmed instead of charge off or bankruptcy. Or it would show bankruptcy - re-affirmed something of the sort.


I once seen a couple file bankruptcy just to fix a spouse trying to collect child support, they had no other purpose for the bk then that, they PAID all of their creditors that were included. They had no problem with that, but they absolutely refused to be taken down on the child support. Think there was cause here, in their case, but that was so strange at the time when I had heard their story.

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The thing is we didnt pay it nor re-affirm anything that I put above. It three different accounts too.

1. Was individual and bk discharged, no payment after bk. No payment since December 02.

2. Was individual and bk discharged, um, no payment after bk.

3. Joint/joint holder filed bk, this reports as payment after co/ it was not paid, bk persons shows inc in bk

Wonder why they report payments and paying as agreed when its not?


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Pure and simple the creditors have messed up on their reporting, no real meaning here, so it is to your advantage another thing to dispute pushing for removal.

Sometimes there just is not explination or real reason for the incorrect information which they report.

It might even be chalked up to a glitch in their data tapes at one point / and just unknown to the creditor of the reporting. I have seen this happen as well. They have no way of knowing the end result of their reporting unless sometime down the line they have permissible purpose to pull your credit report later, but that just don't happen very often - for them to catch mistakes.

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