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CA Does Not Notify CRA of Dispute


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One-Two Punch props to Grendel)

From what i have learned so far, when you send a DV letter to a CA, you should send it CMRRR. They are required by law to inform the CRA that the account should be marked as in dispute. Failure by the CA to do so is a violation of the FDCPA.

Once the green card is received back from the CA, you then dispute the account with the CRA as well.

If I am correct so far, my question is, how do you know if the CA informed the CRA of the dispute as required by law?

Do you call the CRA?

Write a letter to the CRA?

What method works best?

It has been one month since the CA signed for the DV letter- nothing back from them yet. I disputed this online with the CRA. They have already verified the trade line and my account was only in dispute for 2 weeks.

My next move is to send a procedural request to the CRA and a DV follow up letter to the CA (I am waiting another week on the off-chance the CA will respond to the first DV letter by snail mail...30 days + 5 more for mail.)

I would like to have BOTH of them on as many violations as possible to bolster my postion for money damages and deletion. Any suggestions?

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You will know that ca added the dispute by looking at your credit report. It will say consumer diputes and have something about fdcpa or fcra in there.

Sis, it did say that it was in dispute after I put it in dispute with the CRA myself. Does it say something different if the CA puts it in dispute? How do you tell the difference?

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