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yeah they are quite high, earlier today I called the location closest to me and come to find out my dad knows the branch manager, and I told him my situation and he said that since he knew my dad he would approve me for a $1000 secured personal loan with no cosigner b/c I came up as a preliminary denial, and I asked him about the interest rate on the personal loan, and I said well is it so high b/c I am a high credit risk and he said no, it is a state mandated interest rate set by something and that it is that way for all AGF personal secured loans, I think it is 25% but if I do get it and pay it off in say three months I guess it is worth a little bit of interest for a quick positive trade line,

have not got the account yet told him I would let him know to do the final approval or not early next week

oh as far as I know they pulled all three reports but the AGF inquiry only shows on EQ, but he had to pull at least one of the other two, b/c he asked me about my wells fargo accounts and they are not on my EQ report, so why is it not showing up in the inquiry section of the other two or which ever one he pulled

anyway any inside info will be appreciated


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In Illinois this company pulls TransUnion Credit Reports,

My first encounter was when I had to get dental work done, my dentist does not accept insurance, and payments can only be set up through this company. Anyway, it was a 12 month loan with no interest to be paid.

Second one, was a secured loan on our car, to consolidate bills, since DH's credit had a few bad marks due to medical bills, they stuck us with a 15% interest rate.

Sat with that loan for about 4 or 5 months just to let our scores improve from all the changes, then I went to the bank, and refinanced for 7.75% interest rate.

I have dealt with a few other personal finance companies over the years which include:


The Associates (bought AVCO)

Citi Financial (bought The Associates)


But that one car loan was the biggest I had ever gotten in the past I only had $3,000 to $6,000 and this time our loan was for $20,000, and my scores where around 680 at that time, jumped to 730 range and, now since the refinance I am up at 776 on my TransUnion Score.

I know in a few months when my mortgage loan hits, I will for sure be up over 800 score. But in my life I have only had one bad student loan which was forgiven and expired off my report years ago.

I know your case will be different, and you may be like me, stuck for quite some years - just taking personal finance loans, but this I think is still a step better then credit cards, and the prime accounts are established with banks and credit unions.

I am now 31 and this year is the very first bank loan I have ever gotten. Could of not been accomplished at the rate I was going with out having my DH's income to put me in an acceptable range to borrow money.

I know that I will do business again with American General, since I have no plans at any time to switch dentists (definitely a keeper - when you find one that don't inflict unnessasary pain), lol

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cool thanks I am glad to here some positive news

however what is the deal with citi financial are they like a finance company except owned by citibank, and what kind of approval stuff do they require,

see I want to get a credit card however I do not work alot I am full time college student, soon to be divorced, with a bk7 on report, a repoed car, 2 defaulted loans from WFB (student to begin with but loan classification has changed) one good student loan from Wel Fargo dad is cosigner on that one, my federal student loans are not reported yet but I know they pull EQ to check credit, and I have a $95 paid collection on my reports

but as far as I know citibank only pulls EQ in NC for approval the citibank inquiries from where I applied for the student card only shows up on EQ, and on my EQ report the only two accouts I have listed at all are the BK7 and the mortgage (that I signed like a dummy) from my marriage listed as pays as agreed with a 30 and 90 day late notation (eventhough it was included in BK) and about 10 inquiries that I did authorize but am tryint to get rid of



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American General is a sub-prime lender. We had a loan many years ago with them at an exorbitant rate that was totally unjustified, but we weren't credit savvy then as we are now.

No problems with them, however, and we paid them off. But if you have decent/good credit, you should really look at other then sub-prime lenders. Having a loan from them sort of sends out signals that you might be a credit risk because it is assumed you can't get a loan from an A or B lender. We are judged by the accounts we keep, unfortunately.

But again, no problems when we did use them but that was many years ago. Everyone no doubt has his/her own personal experience.

Just my 2 cents.

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