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I would love to sue these CRAs but..........

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here is reall what I want in the Wells Fargo bank situation

I want to owe them nothing and them to correct my TL to completely postive and get them on just one violation and get the CRAs on at lease on violation also

I am really about sick and tired of the credit industry and my patience is running thin with the Wells Fargo Bank situation

But I know I have to be patience and good things will come (I hope so) hey I would like to sue these reporting agencies but what I was wondering is if I do decide to like sue

what kind of stuff can I sue for?

how can I make sure the stuff in my credit reports in incorrect pertaining to an account, I mean b/c some of the stuff I no longer have the paper work for, etc.

if you would please just post knowledge you have and any opinions you have and if you need to my info just let me know,



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I think this stuff is wrong

charge-off date is wrong,

the amount owed is wrong,

the number of times we were late on the account are wrong,

when the lates occurred are wrong

one account says current/payment received after chargeoff

the other one just says chargeoff

ok so if you have opinions please let me know



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