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need help with North Carolina Credit Law

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I am about at my wits end trying to figure out what to do with these two Wells Fargo Bank loans

ok filed BK7 feb 02 discharged may 02

BK lawyer said that we could not include the WFB loans eventhough they were private loans (not federally backed) so at the time I knew I was stuck with them

In July 2002 they sent us a letter stating that the accounts were in default

they never sent us a warning letter of default before they put the account there (yes the accounts had lots of late pays on them)

however we did not pay the bills during the BK proceedings b/c we thought since we did not get a bill that we did not resume payments until after the BK stay was lifted

however, WFB put the account into default and sent us a letter stating the account was in default after the stay was lifted

I sent in 500 last summer to start what I thought was the rehab process and then later they tell me that these loans do not have rehab option, so I just quit paying altogether

well sent the accounts to AMAN CA and sending settlement offers to soon to be ex DH

well some posted this in reply to my student loan post

(icantstandcras wrote) There is one advantage to these loans - they are covered by the applicable state's statute of limitations whereas federal loans are not. Collection then, is just like any other private debt, no matter the purpose of the loan. Just like a credit card. Your repayment/rehab/credit report strategy then, should be just like any other defaulted debt.

I defaulted on one of these and got sued by a collection agency lawyer representing the guarantor of the original note. Luckily for me, I have an attorney friend who owed me a favor. We answered the suit and the guy agreed to settle for 25% on the dollar with 100% free and clear CR language.

The other type of private loan, as you mention, is guaranteed by the federal government. These jerks have it easy because they don't have to respect the SOL. They won't negotiate and they don't have to.

well I have the private student loan and if it is just like any other unsecured debt (like a cc) then I want t settle for the least amount possible

What would really be nice is to get them in technicality or violation and then they have to pay me money, and have them totally put positive info on my reports, and make sure they cannot collect the difference ever, and just CRUCIFY THEM, f

I would return to my BK lawyer for help however I think he is very imcompetent for what I need and I think he knew alot more info. about the whole BK thing altogether after bk reporting and all, and I asked him questions and he is like it will all work, and he did not tell us some things we needed to know that I know he knew and did not tell us

so I need a knowledgeable attorney here in North Carolina with credit reporting issues experience

So you guys help figure out how to find one, and one I can get a free consulatation with



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