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have been summons

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Hello Everyone;

Happy, happy, joy, joy! This will be a great forum. I have been summons to court by CA. After much searching here and a lot of advise, I've answered the complaint. Will find out by Mon 2/3 weather that slimy attorney will go all the way or back out. The CA does have a violation documented for calling place of employment. Let everyone know if its a go or not. Wish me luck.

"only oneshot with life"

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Right now you need to go get a copy of the court file or at least the claim and order with any other related items in it. Also, look for the "Assginee of Record" form that the CA or its' attorney should have filed at some point.

Second, you need to research your state civil code of procedure and rules of court to see if the CA ("assignee") has any standing in the court. If you're in California, you're home free. Unless, of course, the debt wasn't sold to the CA. Then they'll have standing if that's the case.

Good Luck!

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